A Summer's morning spent wandering Nymans....

I spent the beginning of last week working on a beautiful bouquet that was to be used for a photo shoot in Paris of all places organised by the ever so talented Vicky Lamburn, her photography is just beautiful, she plays with natural light in such a magical way. I have seen a few sneak peeks of the photographs and I can't wait to share them. Keep your eyes pealed for a flurry of photographs hitting my social media in the next few weeks.

I delivered the bouquet to the lovely Vicky in Sussex ready for her to travel across the channel to Paris, so this meant I had the late morning and afternoon free to spend time wandering around the herbaceous borders of Nymans in the beautiful Sussex Weald with my sister. I had visited this particular National Trust property and gardens many moons ago so it was a real treat to go back and having been a member of the National Trust since I was a small child I have spent many a perfect Summer's day with family visiting lots of NT properties and gardens throughout the English countryside. With it being now mid August the rose garden wasn't as fruitful but that being said there were still plenty to marvel at and take notes on the ones I would like to grow (watch this space).

It was lovely and peaceful strolling around the intimate gardens chatting with my sister and stopping to admire the colourful herbaceous borders packed full with bold groupings of dahlias, snapdragons salvias to name just a few. I am always drawn to gardens with imperfections and a natural style I like to see climbing roses scrambling over stone walls and natural plant supports fashioned cleverly out of hazel.

So all I can say is if you are looking for something to do in the Sussex Weald be sure to pay a visit to Nymans. Also if you are a bride to be looking for a wedding venue then perhaps add this to your shortlist - imagine your backdrop being a ruin covered in climbing roses and lush magnolias......simply beautiful.