Why I do what I do....

Flowers evoke a personal emotion, they have such a beautiful fleeting quality and for me my biggest aim is to create floral designs that reflect this. I love working with colours and textures that harmoniously interplay with one another to produce a design that is both unique but with a sense of familiarity.

'Slightly wild, humble in nature, intimate, untamed, seasonal and always beautiful'

I am inspired by the beauty found in imperfections within nature and working with it to generate an overall aesthetic bespoke to every brief I work on. The entire process of developing my floral designs from the initial idea inspired by a wealth of sources to making sketches and notes, colour palette references and mood boards is an enjoyable one for me. When I work on a wedding or event I will always make sure every detail is considered and understood fully.

Simplicity and appreciating nature as it is are two elements I strive to achieve within my work. There is a particular artist that I often refer to for inspiration because his work really encapsulates my philosophy; the artist is Ellsworth Kelly, his art focuses on the dynamic relationship between shape, form and colour. So many of his pieces and his quotes resonate with me when I apply them to my floral design work, particularly the plant drawings series

'I have worked to free shape from its ground, and then to work the shape so that it has a definite relationship to the space around it; so that it has a clarity and a measure within itself of its parts (angles, curves, edges and mass); and so that, with color and tonality, the shape finds its own space and always demands its freedom and separateness.'  - Ellsworth Kelly

Ellsworth Kelly, Philodendron II, from Series of Plant and Flower, 1983-85

Ellsworth Kelly, Philodendron II, from Series of Plant and Flower, 1983-85

I truly believe it is important for me to create a cohesive vision for my business in order for me to go in the direction I would like it to go and for everyone I am fortunate to meet through Gather & Bloom to really believe and understand my aesthetic and approach.

Paris Styled Shoot by Vicky Lamburn

I met Vicky Lamburn back in the Spring at the Brighton Wedding Fair we were both exhibiting and got chatting, with our shared love of natural light and exquisite styling we set about making plans to work on a styled shoot together. Vicky emailed me at the beginning of the Summer to say that she had decided to carry out a life long dream of styling and photographing a shoot in Paris.........yes Paris!! I instantly jumped at the chance to design a natural foliage filled bridal bouquet with lots of garden roses and seasonal flowers.

We decided to work with a very muted colour palette, touches of soft blush tones and hints of purple.

I was so excited when an email landed in my inbox titled 'Sneaky peeks from Paris Shoot'........the email didn't disappoint!

Vicky captured the light of Paris effortlessly, they are simply beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the film photographs and working on more exciting shoots with the lovely Vicky.


Photographer & Stylist - Victoria JK Lamburn

Floral Design - Gather & Bloom

Bridal Gowns - This Modern Love

Stationery - Calligraphy for Weddings

Rings - The London Victorian Ring co.

Ribbons - Lancaster & Cornish and Fleuropean




The Seaside Spring Spectacular Wedding Fair...

Last Saturday I tootled off down the motorway to Brighton, the car jam packed with all my floral creations and styling props in preparation for The quirky Seaside Spring Spectacular Wedding Fair. The fair took place in the wonderful Brighton Dome café, with its fabulous high ceilings and lots of natural light the room was full of amazing suppliers and small businesses.

My vision for my floral designs was spring abundance, I knew I had to incorporate garden roses and their beautiful scent certainly drew a lot of people over! I decided to work with quite an unusual colour palette to show all the brides to be that you don't just have to have pinks (don't get me wrong I'm not adverse to a pink palette). It was a good move as a lot of people commented on how lovely the colour combinations were.

It was a great day, I met some wonderful wedding suppliers, small business owners and of course lots of brides to be.

Wedding Fair countdown

I have lined up a few Wedding Fairs to exhibit at this year, my aim was to find those that were slightly alternative and I'm glad to say I have come across a great variety. The first of the year I will be exhibiting at is Belle's Events 'Seaside Spring Spectacular Wedding Fair' in Brighton on Saturday 16th April, described as vintage, quirky ,retro, unique, festival, whimsical, boho; it can't disappoint. I have read great things about this fair and I am so excited to be a part of it this coming Spring, I have started to brainstorm, scribble notes and make visual mood boards with my thoughts and plans for my stand. I am thinking lots of delicate garden roses, branches of blossom and lots of foliage; to say I am giddy with excitement would be an understatement!

Be sure not to miss it....I hope to see you there.

Looking forward to 2016

I started Gather & Bloom during the latter months of 2015. My workshop is now fully finished, the enamel jugs and recycled glassware sit neatly waiting to be used on the newly built shelving. I am looking forward to working on new projects and collaborations. It seems fitting to write this on the eve of a new year, I am feeling excited by the prospect of making my small business a success and there is still a number of jobs to do on my to do list.

So 2016...here is to going on new journeys and taking Gather & Bloom out into the big wide world.